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Tales of HighSchool ~ An AU RP

Tales of Highschool - NamcoBandai High
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An AU Tales of Series RP set in a highschool setting
Welcome to Tales of Highschool, where you can find one of the best schools around, NamcoBandai High! Set in a sunny, modern world kind of place near lovely California, you can find a city nestled in the valley of two large mountains. It's a very average-looking place with very non-average happenings. Here there be witches and half-elves mingling with humans, some wielding powers unknown. With drama and fun times always happening it's a busy and exciting place to be.

Tales of High is an AU community, set in a highschool setting for all of your favorite Tales of Series characters. Here, we support crack, drama, craziness, randomness, tragedy and a little of everything.


Applications . Questions . Add List . Contact List


NamcoBandai High is set in a medium sized city in the US, somewhere in good ole sunny California.
The school itself is a large campus with multiple buildings and lots of classes to choose from that offer a little of everything to a wide variety of students.

Nearby, close to the main building you can find dorms and many various apartment buildings which the students and teachers live in and frequent.

There's also large residential areas scattered about the city, as well, where there are many different housing possibilities.
Rolling hills and cliffs gracefully surround the campus and city and if you travel west enough you'll encounter the beach.

Outside the actual school area in the town you can find plenty to do, and don't ever feel grounded to the school only. There's not a part of town you can find that you could call boring.
There's multiple bars, a few arcades, a movie theater here and there and also a large dog and children's park to occupy.
Never feel constrained or shut to specific limitations here.


The weather is pretty temperate, with very casual tempertures and cool winds. The occasional thunderstorm will wipe in every now and then and sometimes it will even pour like crazy for days on end.
Most of the time however it's sunny and hot with a nice smelling air from the mountains.
The fog in the morning on some days though, can get unbearable.


There are always things to do in this community and here at NamcoBandai Highschool. Members should look forward to some of the following fun things that they can get their characters into~

Part-Time Jobs
PT jobs are completely acceptable and allowed if someone wants their character to get one on the side besides attending school. The job can be whatever you want it to be and does not have a limitation or restriction.

Clubs can be started up at anytime by students or teachers alike~ Characters can set up club activities or club-only logs/threads.

Community Events
Community events are large scale events that affect the whole community. Before the event begins you will have the option to choose whether you want your characters to participate or not. Events can be set up by the mods, or through mod approval, by other members. If you want to set up an event it should be brought up a week in advance of its start date MINIMUM.

Class Events
Events that don't require mod approval can be small class centered events such as field trips and things like that. These events should still remain optional for the participants and also should not alter the characters participating in any way, unlike community events which may get a bit out of hand depending on what they may be. <3


1. Be Literate. No I don't mean five paragraph essays literate, but please keep chatspeak/l33tsp34k to minimum, unless it is IC for your character to use that kind of shorthand.

2. Please no Godmoding/Powerplaying. Play your characters, and your characters only. Ask permission before messing with anyone else's.

3. Be kind to everyone, and respectful.

4. Please, please put a warning for scenes that are 'R' or 'NC-17' rated.

5. If you want to run any big plots or events, please let the mods know first.

6. Don't randomly decide to kill off a character, or kill them off upon dropping them. This makes for a lot of stress on the characters and overall community if someone wants to pick them up later.

7. Since this is an AU community, please get in contact with other players before assuming that your characters know each other. Just because they are from the same game doesn't mean automatically that the characters know each other.

8. The character limit as of now is three, they can be from any Tales of Series game and there is nothing against multiple characters from the same game. In time this limit is subject to change, however for now it will be the constant.


Penalties for breaking the rules all depend on the degree of offense you have executed. Misconduct or valid complaints about disrepectful behaviour from other players can earn you a warning. Depending on how severe the infracture depends on the punishment.
Misconduct, god moding, and disrespect gets several warnings before you're banned from the community for a short amount of time.
Heavier offenses can lead to you being asked to leave the community without any warnings.

The measures of the offense is determined by the mods.

This is all for the happiness and well-being of our players. We hope to never have to kick someone out of the community. We want this to be a fun and exciting community with as little conflict as possible.

If you have any problems with any of the players please contact a mod and notify them.
The mods can be contacted here: MOD CONTACT


    1. An RP Journal
    2. A way to contact your other than you Journal
    3. A will to be active and have fun!


        I. Choose a character.
        II. Know thy character.
        III. Apply for character on the application post Go Here!
        IV. Make a character journal on LJ
        V. Don't start playing before your character is accepted by the mods. Wait for a comment from us before you join the community.
        VI. Add the other character journals and play!

What should be posted in the main community:
Completed IM logs(under a cut), announcements, events, member notices, OOC posts that address the whole community

What should be posted in the character journals:
Basically a character journals is an IC journal your characters keep. Don't break character when posting to your journal unless brackets or parenthesis are used. Journal logs should be indicated in the subject.

More about Logs, Journals, and the Main Community

Basic LJ Codes (cuts, fonts, usernames)

If you're interested in playing a character who is too old to be in high school we are always looking for new teachers/janitors/guidance counselors/anything.

We also allow character reserves.
If you reserve a character, they will be put on hold for 2 weeks and no one else will be able to pick them up. If they are not apped by the time those two weeks are up they will become available again to the community and free game once more.
There is only one way to reserve a character and that is by posting HERE!


Tales of the Abyss
Peony Upala Malkuth IX - Principal - rappigprincipal
Guy Cecil - Automotives Teacher Assistant - spandexmechanic
Jade Curtiss - Biology and Anatomy Teacher - professord00m
Asch fon Fabre - Junior - sonotluke
Lusch (End of Game Luke/Asch) - Psychology Perma-sub - notreallyeither
Anise Tatlin - Sophomore- puppet_guardian
Van Grants - Guidance Counselor/PE Teacher- alwaystrustme
Luke fon Fabre - Junior- plzseeificare

Tales of Eternia
Keele Zeibel - Senior- cuteclumsynerd

Tales of Graces
Hubert - Junior - onehitpwnage

Tales of Legendia
Norma Beatty - Junior - bubbliest
Moses Sandor - Sophomore - lone_red_bandit
Grune - Groundskeeper/Gardener - ditzy_goddess
Walter Desqel - Junior - knightofmerines

Tales of Phantasia
Arche Klein - Senior- supercutewitch

Tales of Rebirth
Saleh - Guidance Counselor - forceofwind

Tales of Symphonia

Colette Brunel - Sophomore - regentheworld
Kratos Aurion - PE Teacher - gymjudgment
Raine Sage - History Teacher - heck_yeah_ruins
Lloyd Irving - Sophomore - iknowmajinken

Tales of Symphonia II: Dawn of the New World
Aster - Senior - sw33tlydreaming
Decus - Guidance Counselor - forloveofalice
Alice - School Nurse - vanguardqueen
Emil - Sophomore - innocentmonster

Tales of Vesperia
Flynn Scifo -Security Guard/PE TA- mistralsoul
Yuri Lowell - Security Guard/Math TA - vesperia_guard
Zagi - Janitor - achestoclean
Estellise Sidos Heurassein - Senior - boobcommas
Repede - uncutemob


Questions, Concerns, and Suggestions can be posted HERE.

Thank you Norma-mun for our beautiful profile table <3 Credit to kazooie