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Tales of HighSchool ~ An AU RP
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3rd-Jul-2010 09:43 pm - OPEN THREAD: ~PROM~
Eh heh heh....rappig? - grabthesky
WHO: Everyone
WHEN: Saturday night, July 3rd (running for a week real time)
WHERE: The local, nearby community center in a grand elegant balroom
STYLE TYPE: mostly script, prose welcome as well though~

[Here it is, the prom thread~ All students and staff who wishes to attend, please feel free to show~]

---The halls are decked in glittering arches and gorgeous velvet canopies, sparkles and fake stars dangle from the ceilings. The stage where the DJ sits is fancied up like a medieval fairytale castle. There are food table dotting the walls and out of the way of a gourgeous ballroom like dance floor. HAVE FUN EVERYONE---
Thinking face, hmmm
Here are a few things I'd like to address, since I have been considering revamping the community a little bit. I'd like to know everyone's opinions and suggestions about ANYTHING, not just what's here. (Even if its an anon comment to this thread! I want to hear it!)

Please vote and I'll give you a virtual cookie <3

Polls kill Friend's ListsCollapse )
[ToV] Flynn+Yuri: Gailardia
I'm back and ready to play and have fun!!
I will be significantly more active now considering my free time is now 100% my own and I'm no longer living with family or having to follow their rules! I hope to jump back into roleplaying and kick all my muses into overdrive in a week flat XD
Hah, now that we are a bit more settled, I'd like to remove the Haitus status at least from my characters (can't vouch for Roxy who is currently at work) and get back into the games~

As for today I'll be on all day long, here and there as a clean.
If there is ANYTHING at all that you would like to address, please feel free to contact me via IM (AIM: blacknin00 MSN: cindyjeans77@yahoo.com) I'll also check the LJ personal messages and be keeping an eye on them on this tales_of_mods account.

Note that I edited the FairyTale event previously posted by Anise-mun.

Also mark your calendars: PROM IS ON SATURDAY, JULY 3RD 2010!
19th-Jun-2010 05:21 pm(no subject)
Anise Tatlin reporting for duty~♪
WHO: Anise and lucky participants~
WHAT: Fairytale Event~!
WHEN: Today
WHERE: Everywhere!
WARNINGS:crack...and lots of it.

[Anise opened up her locker today to find something she didn't quite expect. A costume was hung up neatly in the small space provided along with a note saying:

Put this on.


She took out the outfit and furrowed her brows as she looks it over. Well...It couldn't hurt to try it on...Anise went to the bathroom to try it out. After deciding that it wasn't so bad, she skipped out with a smile on her lips, wondering how many other people had an outfit too.]

(ooc: btw guys thread-jacking is encouraged unless you really don't want to be then you can note it in your post)
15th-Jun-2010 02:49 pm - FairyTale Event! (edited by CJ-mod)
[ToTA] nyorooon~

Hey there, everyone! Sorry for the long absence! We're finally moved in and have paid our first month's rent and bills. Now that we're fully budgeted we can take things a little easier. I thank everyone who awaited patiently for our return.

In honor of our upcoming prom date (now officially dated JULY 3RD!) our beloved principal has decked the halls in the most fantastical of designs. Scattered everywhere you'll find the school all done up in the most grand of props that seem to be taken right out of a storybook. Towers, castle arches, large dragon statues, glitter dotting the hallways...not to mention the various rappigs that are wandering around, dressed up in something to match the occassion as well~

Its summertime, and the weather is warm with that alluring promise of something fun happening as prom draws near. Not only that, but it seems something magical is in the air.
As Anise previously mentioned and started to host, we're having a magical fairytale event~

Here's the starting point:
When your character may go to try on their prom outfit, whether it be the final one they choose or one they were considering, that outfit will become an instant influence on them. That role --whether it be the Big Bad Wolf, Sleeping Beauty, or something completely off the wall like a random character from a well known children's book-- will become theirs.

For Example: Peony as the Big Bad Wolf gets random urges to tear into some meat every now and then. Poor thing, thinks he's a monster because he keeps getting these cravings to eat his rappigs. He has slight wolf like features -since they were part of the original outfit- as well.

The influence the outfit has on your muse is entirely based on what the player wants.

List of already taken RolesCollapse )


ENDS: July 1st

1. Participation in the Event is completely optional.

2. You can only select one Fairytale role, if you really really want to switch to another than two is the limit and you can't switch back an forth.

3. Your FairyTale character doesn't have to be the one you're doing for prom.

4. One person per role. Once you pick your FairyTale character(s) post it here so we don't have doubles.

5. If you choose not to participate please still interact a little with those who are.

6. The outfits can be removed at any time, and end the time as that FairyTale Character, however, when being influenced by the role they would feel most comfortable in those clothes.

7. Have Fun and Enjoy Yourself~


----- As I mentioned before, Peony has decorated the ENTIRE school. Even the cafeteria food is a bit glittery and fanciful. Considering a lot of the props are a bit large feel free to find them obstructive and hindering to the walkway.


----- Peony's precious rappigs are all adorning cute little outfits of random magical creatures~ Theres a unicorn, dragon, mermaid-pig, a gnome/dwarf, and a witch. These outfits aren't exactly the best of costumes, however. They are more like the outfits you can put your dog in for Halloween. Despite that, if you wish, since many characters are seeing things through foggy storybook glasses go ahead and let your character be completely convinced that the rappigs are a really what they are dressed up as.
28th-May-2010 07:15 pm - OOC: Of Mods and Activity
HOMIGOD! WTF!!?!?! - grabthesky
As you might have noticed the mods have been a bit MIA lately. I apologize profusely for this. Me and Roxy are currently in the moving process and have been ridiculously busy.
We will be more in the swing of things once the unpacking is finished and everything is settled. That being said, expect prom to be around mid-June-ish~

<3 sending love to all the awesome Tales fans out there!

26th-May-2010 11:06 pm - OOC Hiatus

Hello everyone~

I’ll be taking a hiatus starting tomorrow till Tuesday. This applies to Saleh, Grune, and Keele.

I hope everyone is doing well ^_^

5th-May-2010 12:37 pm - Anise is up to no good...again.
Anise Tatlin reporting for duty~♪
WHO: Anise and the school populace
WHAT: Anise is scheming
WHEN: Today
WHERE: Middle of the school hallway
WARNINGS: Watch your gald

[Anise was siting in the middle of the school hallway, a pleasant smile on her lips as she sat behind a a makeshift desk. Her hands were folded neatly in her lap as she watched everyone, a mischievous glint was in her eye showing that the girl was indeed up to no good. On the front of the desk was a sign that was painted on in large, blue cursive font that stated the following:

♥~Need some help in school? You've come to the right place!~ ♥

Help with homework.....................25 gald
Small amount of tutoring...............50 gald
Cheats.........................................100 gald
Anything else....................negotiate prices

(( ooc: Take up the offer~? Ask questions~? Bother in general~? It's up to you~♥))
25th-Apr-2010 01:11 pm - ♥~Dance lessons~♥
don&#39;t get lost in my smile
WHO: Anise, Hubert and whoever else wants to peek in and maybe try
WHAT: Anise is having an impromptu dance lesson 
WHEN: today
WHERE: empty classroom
WARNINGS: having a hands on activity?

Anise quickly pulled Hubert into an empty classroom, a happy-go-lucky smile on her lips as she did so. It hadn't been that long since she last danced with a person but obviously she was going to need a little practice along with patience. She had a new 'student' so to speak and was eager to teach him, even if he was a bit unwilling. Quickly the girl moved some desks out of the way to give them plenty of space to work with before turning to the boy and closing the distance between them.

"Ready for your first dance lesson~?"
24th-Apr-2010 11:09 am(no subject)
As I promised, Kiku returns with a female character. Say hello to pink loli of gloomy Arietta. She's cute and understands animal language. So, who ever sees her talking with animals out there, that's definitely her ^^

Don't forget to friend add fonbreeder.
Thinking face, hmmm
WHO: Peo, Anise, Yuri
WHAT: Peony manages to pull one over on the terrible two, and turn the tables on them.
WHEN: End of the Scaring Event
WHERE: Peony's Office


Peony had just gotten into place, crouched down low in the dark space, eyes narrowed, waiting. His lips twitched, amusement and interest deeply etched into his features.
The blonde had been investigating the hauntings of the school late at night, to try and uproot the truth behind the happenings. What he discovered was definitely....interesting. Now it was his turn.
It would only be a few minutes more.
He had purposely stationed Zagi in a hall nearby, knowing the Janitor was better at smoking out students and troublesome staff than anything else.
23rd-Apr-2010 08:23 pm - A Game of Sorts~
happy happy
There's no reason school should be boring, school should be fun! It should have new and exciting events that motivate its students and staff to get engaged in activities and extracurricular happenings. And that is EXACTLY what I have in mind for all of you~

Listen up my Buusagis, as you all known the school mascot is based off of my adorable and irresistable rappigs~! Here's your chance to really get in touch with some school spirit! :3

This week you just MAY stumble upon or go out of your way to find one of my 5 cute and adorable buusagis~ Tied around each of my rappigs' necks there is a special voucher that has a grand and redeemable prize that I'm sure is something any student or staff member would want to get their hands on~

Heehee, Each voucher contains a free ticket to prom, as well as a secret prize~ Happy Hunting.

(Those interested in their muses finding a rappig, can post here XD Then I'm gonna randomly generate those names and we'll see who gets the special prizes~)
23rd-Apr-2010 08:09 pm - OOC: Inactivity---
[ToV] Flynn+Yuri: Gailardia
I'm sorry but its been 10 days now. Please remove Natalia and Sophie from your friends list.

Natalia: kimlascaoujo

Sophie: zerodissolver

If either of you want to try joining in the game again, you have to re-apply for your character.
HOMIGOD! WTF!!?!?! - grabthesky
For those of you who need a little prompting and poking to get a thread going~ You can ask your dates out here as you so choose, it can be however you like, in whatever style. Feel free to take over this thread as you want, and have fun! ^^

Good Luck Boys (and Girls?) You're Gonna Need It~ XDD
22nd-Apr-2010 12:41 pm - Massive Show Down!
glance back get prepare to fight
WHO: Lloyd and Yuri, or anyone who like to peek the fight.
WHAT: Duel between Sophomore and School Guard, this time in real swords.
WHEN: Backdated few days after 'The Night of Fright'.
WHERE: In Kendo Club.
WARNINGS!: Possible language and violence.

Look how the Gentle Idealist wins over the Dark Enforcer.Collapse )
16th-Apr-2010 11:49 pm - ooc: Dropping and replace?
sweat oh no... omg
Long story short, I decided to drop him. But I'm still keeping Lloyd and Repede in the game, so there's nothing to worry about it. I lost my interest and few things about him since played him for several months and I think it's time for me to change something new X[. So this fresh meat goes bye-bye, and hopefully I'll return with female character.

Yup, I'm feel sorry for this. You can friend remove youngsterbrat from your list.
13th-Apr-2010 05:16 pm - Can you guess what time it is~?~?~
happy happy

And that means it's about that time~~~

Thaaaat's right, I'm talking about P-R-O-M!

The big day will be coming up soon, does anyone want to suggest some themes for this year's Junior and Senior prom~?

The themes suggested so far are~~

Royal Ball, Princes and Princesses (2 votes)
Magical Fairy Tale (6 votes)
Treasured Midsummer Night (1 vote)
Year of the Tiger -Orient theme- (1 vote)

13th-Apr-2010 12:28 am - OOC: TITLES
Anise and Guy
Yuri has earned the Title of OVERACHIEVER.

Description: "Well...at least you've surpassed Flynn at something? Congrats."


Anise has earned the Title of OVERACHIEVER JR.

Description: "Who knew you could do something good? ...What are you after?"


Thanks you two for being our most active players during CJ-mod's haitus and keeping the fun rolling out! You both are great, and we are so happy to have the both of you in the community!
13th-Apr-2010 12:04 am - RESULTS OF THE INACTIVITY CHECK
Soooo bored!
Okay, here are the results of the inactivity check.

The following characters need to show a little more activity in the community or otherwise face possible removal from the taken character list and the game (mods are not excluded from this list):


Activity must be displayed within the next week and a half or a notice as to why they are inactive must be noted to the mods. Activity doesn't have to be anything special, it can be something as simple as an IC journal entry saying, "School is boring, I wish there was more to do." Or something of the sort. Don't feel uncomfortable about posting journal entries, I noticed not many members have done it. LJs should be for everyone, muses and muns alike ^^


The gray area doesn't mean your character is any danger or anything of the sort of being taken from the game, it merely means you might want to try and get them a bit more involved. One of the best ways I suggest doing that is by IMing or contacting a random other character (maybe one you see on one of these lists even) and just throwing together for a very casual 'bumped into you in the halls' thread or IM log. You'd be surprised how much fun it is to intermingle with random characters.

Characters in the the gray area:


Please don't freak out if you see a character listed on either list. We're not going to immediately terminate you from the game. This is a friendly 'poke' to maybe wake up a few muses and see what they're capable of.
I didn't check /everything/ on the community, so if you see a character listed who in fact has posted to something recently, simply post a link and point it out to me.

Keeping your journals updated is a easy and sure fire way to stay off this list ^^

Thank you everyone for keeping active and playing! It's super fun roleplaying alongside all of you!

EDIT: Check marks mean that the inactivity has been adressed and/or resolved! :3 Thanks!
11th-Apr-2010 04:52 pm - OOC : Hiatus
 Sorry for not saying this before, was too busy with my college. I'll be in a rather long hiatus until the beginning of May.
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